Today I present my own recipe for a firey Morrocan Lamb Sausage. I surfed the web and a few cookbooks and settled on this mixture. As I make it more I may adjust, add or subtract ingredients.

If you don’t like lamb, substitute beef. This is a fresh sausage and should be cooked before consuming. If you like spicy sausage, then give this one a test drive!

  • Fresh Ingredients

The recipe calculator uses ratios to calculate the ingredients. This makes the recipe scaleable. I only make 500 grams or so at a time, but you may make 1500 or 10kg batches. The calculator displays the results very precisely. More precise than you can measure. Just round to the nearest unit of measure. For instance a 1000 gram recipe calls for 0.8 cups of chopped onions. Will you really know the difference if you use 3/4 (0.75) cup? ¿Entiendes?

If you are a beginner at sausage making, then perhaps you need further instruction that is beyond the scope of this recipe page. I learned from reading Michael Ruhlman & Brian Polcyn’s book, Charcuterie; The Craft of Salting, Smoking and Curing. This is a must read for all sausage maker’s beginning or advanced.

جعل والتمتع السجق.

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