Raspberry Mustard – Delish!

We went to Beer Belly restaurant in Los Angeles and the highlight of the meal was the raspberry mustard we used for dipping the duck fat french fries in. I wanted to try my hand at making my own. I looked around online to see what makes a mustard. Most are mustard seed (of course!) vinegar and oil. The raspberry mustard at Beer Belly had a “jam’ish” quality to it. So here was my first attempt. It worked.


4 ounces of Raspberry Jam, homemade is great; lacking that, I used Smuckers.

4 ounces – Oil (I used peanut, EVOO should work too)

4 ounces white wine vinegar

4 tablespoons fresh whole Mustard seed


All ingredients room temperature. I put the entire mess into my blender and let it rip for about 5 minutes. The mustard seeds contain a natural emulsifier. Enough of the seeds were broken up to combine the jam, oil and vinegar into a creamy, smooth sauce of happiness. The seeds released just enough mustardy heat to play off the tang and sweetness of the jam and vinegar. It worked!



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