I love Ruhlman & Polcyn’s's book Charcuterie The Craft of Salting, Smoking & Curing. This recipe comes from page 117 and is a very tasty sausage to make. Grill some of these with a ice-cold beer and your friends will be back next week! Great work Michael & Brian! The recipe is easily followed, making it a perfect “first stuffer”. If you don’t have a sausage stuffer, just make patties.

When I made my first attempt at it I learned it was very difficult to come up with 2.25 kilograms of ground pork butt. I had less, but if I had more I would have been loathe to toss the extra. So I went to work mathematically calculating the amount of  ingredients I needed for my batch of ground pork flesh. Before I made it a second time, I made a simple google docs spread sheet. This worked good for calculating the spices for the exact portion I was working on, but when a friend wanted to use the doc, I found allowing him to calculate his ingredients also allowed him to screw up my numbers! Not good! To solve the problem of sharing the calculations I made this little form. The form follows Michael & Brian’s recipe exactly except I like to add 2% powdered soy protein. I find this holds moisture and texture better without sacrificing flavor. If you want to follow the original receipe exactly, just leave this ingredient out.

To utilize the for, input the weight of your ground pork butt in grams and hit the calculate the recipe button. Use it any time you want to make a new batch. The service is free, please share it with your friends!

To make this sausage you will need to own the book.

Und genießen Wurst.

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